Private Practice Fees

Flexibility, Individualized Treatment, Variety of Services

Our sessions are 60 minutes – sometimes more if needed.  We have the flexibility to meet in several different settings offering virtual sessions through telehealth, in-person sessions in our office or bakery setting, in your home, or in the community.  We are able to do this without the restrictions of insurance coverage, which limits the session time, and place, and does not cover non-clinical services.

We are a private pay practice. We do not accept private insurance. We can provide invoices for you to submit to your insurance for reimbursement.  Payment is required at the time of your session (credit/debit cards, HSA cards, cash, or checks).

Prior to your first session, we strongly encourage you to reach out to your insurance company to get information regarding any out-of-network benefits, reimbursement rates, telehealth coverage, and deductibles.


Clinical Consult to explore program enrollment - in-office/telehealth - $250

Psychotherapy with a licensed clinician - in-home - $300/hour, in-office/telehealth - $200/hour

Behavioral Assistance - in-home, in-community - $75/hour

Mentoring - in-home, in-community - $40/hour