What is Papa Ganache Project?

What is Papa Ganache Project?

We meet with clients in their homes, in their communities, in our office, with telehealth … and in a vegan bakery?!

What do therapeutic services have to do with a vegan bakery? How are Papa Ganache Vegan Bakery &Papa Ganache Project (PGP) Strengths Development Program connected?

It all began back in 2010, when Lisa Siroti, LCSW recognized greatness in the blending of two concepts—vegan baking and a life skills program for kids. That's how Papa Ganache Vegan Bakery and Papa Ganache Project (PGP) Strengths Development Program were born.

Combining the model of intensive in-home and in-community intervention used within the NJ Children’s System of Care and blending PGP’s unique spin on services to give kids, tweens, teens, young adults, parents/caregivers, and families an alternative space to meet – a bakery – to develop and strengthen skills to show them that they are more than their challenges ... because if you can handle the responsibilities of listening to the rules of the kitchen, baking a personalized cupcake, cleaning up the dishes, and waiting to dive into the treat - those are real life skills in action! Not to mention the discussions that naturally come about when whisking the ingredients or waiting for goodies to get baked. 

Our program has grown and changed since then.

Now we use the bakery as a meeting space and a true ‘backdrop’ for services to meet with our clients. We also meet in client’s homes, in their communities, and now, virtually with telehealth. The spirit of the program is the same. We use every day interventions to develop and strengthen skills – emotional regulation skills, life skills, social skills, frustration tolerance, family communication, to name a few.    

It’s a unique blending of ideas – and a recipe for success!

*PGP is not a baking/cooking training program