What is Papa Ganache Project?

What is Papa Ganache Project?

PGP, LLC combines alternative & traditional psychotherapeutic supports using our vegan bakery as a backdrop for services.

Truly a recipe for success!

What do therapeutic services have to do with a vegan bakery? How are Papa Ganache Vegan Bakery and Papa Ganache Project Strengths Development Program connected?

Papa Ganache and Papa Ganache Project are sister organizations – both companies are owned by Lisa Siroti, LCSW.

Lisa Siroti, LCSW recognized greatness in the blending of two concepts—vegan baking and a life skills program for kids. In 2010, Papa Ganache, and the Papa Ganache Project Strengths Development Program were born. Our program has grown and changed since then. We used to use the bakery, and baking, as a treatment intervention. Now we use it as a meeting space and a true ‘backdrop’ for services. And we've expanded our services to kids, tweens, teens, young adults, adults, parents, couples, and families. 

Different services use the bakery differently – maybe you need to get out of the house for your therapy session and want a spot where you can meet in a relaxed setting – the bakery café area after hours is private and is a ‘sweet’ spot to meet with your therapist. If you’re working with a mentor maybe you will work on job readiness skills by helping out front of the house, maybe you need support in strengthening social skills – what better place to begin socialization than in a café?

We also meet in clients' homes, in their communities, and virtually.

It’s a unique blending of ideas – and a recipe for success!


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*PGP is not a baking/cooking training program