Our Team

PGP, LLC staff set the tone for success.

  • PGP Therapists, BA's, & Mentors are passionate about the work that we do.  We create a sense of comfort and belonging, empathizing with our youth & families, creating therapeutic partnerships through authenticity, flexibility, humor, & sensitivity.
  • All PGP Therapists are licensed clinical professionals with years of experience counseling hundreds of families using the strengths based philosophy.  Our clinicians have several areas of expertise varying from anxiety, trauma, substance abuse, attachment, behavior management to directive skill building & solutions focused treatment.   
  • All BA's & Mentors are trained & closely supervised, overseen by the Clincial Director. 

Program development is a cornerstone of PGP.

Lindsay Nelson, LCSW & Lisa Siroti, LCSW are always collaborating, seeking feedback from case managers & community members to develop programming to fill gaps & niches to better meet the therapeutic needs of the local community and the youth & families that we serve.


Lisa D. Siroti, LCSW
Executive Director

Lisa Siroti, LCSW, founder of Papa Ganache Bakery, LLP and the Papa Ganache Project, LLC Strengths Development Program, is a private psychotherapist, and an intensive in-home and community therapist. Lisa is well-regarded for her ability to support children and families overcome their most difficult challenges through intensive, supportive counseling.

Her straightforward and direct approach is truly unique, and families love her honesty, truthfulness, and uncanny knack for quickly identifying underlying issues.  She has a talent and passion for engaging difficult and resistant populations, coaching parents, increasing their insight and educating them to address their children’s behavioral issues appropriately and effectively.

She is the proud owner of Papa Ganache Bakery, and Papa Ganache Project, LLC – Strengths Development Program providing alternative therapeutic interventions for youth.  Lisa consistently seeks to explore different programs.


Lindsay Nelson, LCSW
Clinical Director

Lindsay joined PGP in 2011 as Clinical Director, overseeing program development & implementation, staff & intern supervision. Her expertise lies in a foundation of empowerment & strengths based perspective, through hands on activities to inspire change with a comprehensive approach that combines trauma-informed treatment, cognitive behavioral therapies, solution focus, & mindfulness. Lindsay has an innate ability to create the supportive, safe, nonthreatening therapeutic environment necessary in helping children and families cope with complex behavioral & emotional difficulties in home, school, and community settings. Through curiosity, creativity, encouragement, and humor she has gained a reputation for being innovative in her interventions and in supporting others to reframe and recognize their own strength & resilience.