Join Our Team

Join Our Team

We are always looking for experienced people who have an understanding of & openness to working with children, adolescents, & families who endure emotional & behavioral challenges.

We look for highly self-motivated, mature, & independent people who are professional, have excellent communication skills, an eagerness to collaborate with team members, & a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants learning style. *No baking experience necessary.

Details: We hire primarily for our in-home & in-community programs.  This is part time, per diem work primarily done in the afternoons, evenings, weekends. We meet with our youth in their homes, in the larger community, and in the Papa Ganache vegan bakery. We serve youth and families in Central New Jersey.

All applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Experience working with youth in a supportive role to address their behavioral and emotional challenges
  • Clear criminal record
  • Clean driving record
  • Reliable transportation
  • 21+ years of age
  • Psychotherapy positions – LCSW, LPC required
  • Behavioral Assistant positions – degree in a social service related field
  • Mentors – high school diploma or equivalent

What is a Behavioral Assistant?

Behavioral Assistants are paraprofessionals that implement treatment interventions based on the clinician’s plan of care.  Behavioral Assistants engage youth in effective strategies with the goal of restoring, building, strengthening, developing, and maintaining the youth’s capacity to successfully function in their homes and community.

What is a Mentor & Parent Mentor?

Mentors & Parent Mentors are paraprofessionals that engage youth in community based activities to achieve specific goals such as developing independent living skills, seeking gainful employment, socialization, linkage with sustainable activities. Parent Mentors coach parents in supporting and achieving treatment goals; may assist parents with practical tasks such as budgeting, securing resources, establishing household routine.

What is an Intensive In-Community/In-Home Therapist?

Intensive In-Community In-Home Therapists (IIC) are clinically licensed mental health professionals (LCSW, LPC). IIC’s provide intensive, in-home and in-community services to children individually and/or to the family as a whole. IIC’s work to strengthen family’s understanding of their challenges, develop insight, assess for increased psychiatric interventions, and create behavioral and emotional interventions to increase overall functioning. IIC’s work within the wraparound process to assist families in stabilizing to transition to sustainable community based services.